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IBS Room Air Cooler Model# 001 With Remote Control

IBS Room Air Cooler Model# 001 With Remote Control 
Table of Contents
 Product  Features · ·· · · · · ·· ··  · ·  ··· ··  · ··  · 1
Construction   Drawing   ··· · · · · ··  · · · · · ·· · · · · 1
 Spare  Part List   · · ·  · ·· · · · · ·· · · · ·  ·· · ··  · ···   3
Technical   Parameters    ··· · · · · ·· · ·    ··  · · · · 3
 Operation  Instruction    ·  · · ·  · ··   · · · · · · · ·  ··· 3
Control  Panel   · · ·  · · · · ··   · ·· ·· ·  · · · ·  · · ·  · · · 4 
 Important   Safeguards  · · ·  · · ·  · · · · · ·  · ··   · ·· 5
 Maintenance     and  Cleaning   · · · ··  · ··· · · · ·· · 7
 Circuit   Diagram   · · ·  · · ·  ··  · · · ·  · ·· ·· ·· · ·  · · · 7
 Trouble  Shooting   · · · · · · · ·· · ··  · · · ·· · · · · ·  · 8
 Thank you  for purchasing  our air  cooler.   Please read all the instructions carefully  before first time  use, to ensure pr9Per use of the unit. Also,  please   keep the manual for
1tfture reference.

Cool soon

It cycles the water to blow cool air. It can lower the surrounding temperature and provide you a comfortable environment in hot summer.

It humidifies the air to avoid skin dry and spall in winter.

It releases negative ions to freshen the air and care health.
Drawer style water tank, detachable filtration mesh

It is easy to clean. Filter removes harmful tiny substances, such as dust and pollen.
9 Energy saving, high-efficiency, friendly environment The input power is 200W.
Wide range of air output, 1 QO angle wide range of air output, the outlet will close when the power supply is off. 3 fan speeds: HIGH-MID-LOW
Remote Control

6 meters remote control, 120 angle wide range receiver
Touch panel

Touch panel control. easy to operate, with elegant chords.
Memory function

It can memorize the current working status. The memory is not cleaned until the power supply is off.
1 to 24 hours timer setting
220V-240I 50Hz 130W
MAX Air  Flow  Consumption
MAX Water Volume
Net Weight
935 KGS
Note:   Due to constant   development    of our  products in regards  to specification  and  design,  we take  reservation   for  changes without   prior  notice.
1.   Pull  the unit outwards  from the  carton  and place it  on  the floor.
2. Check  if the spare parts are complete  the same as the spare  part list.
3.  Place the  unit on the floor.   Take out the wheels  to assemble.
Note:  Two  wheels  with  stopper are for  the  two  front   holes  and
Two  wheels  without  stopper   are for  the  unit.
4.  Connect  to the hose  on the back to fill with  water.  
  1.  Water  level  must  be between   the  MIN and  MAX  line.
  2.  After  few days  operation,    dust  and  dirt  may  reserve   in water
tank.   It is recommended to  change   water  and  clean  water
5.  Only  use the unit with correct  AC outlet.
6.  Get the plug to power and turn on the unit  power switch which   is at the side of the unit .A  small " Beep " sound can be heard and the power indicator  will be on.
1-To protect   against  electric  shock,   do not  remove  plug  from
wall  outlet  by wet  hand.
2-Unplug  from outlet  while  moving the  unit.
3- Insert  the  plug  into  the  power  and  make  sure  it is connected
7.  Press   "HUMIDIFIER"        button to improve  the air damp,   avoid skin dry and spall in winter.
( Remote  controller  control   panel with the same function  as the unit control   panel)
ON/OFF:    Press once this  button  to make the  unit  ready for working.   It will  start up with  MID in  3 seconds   and  then revert to  work  under  the memorized   status.  If  for first time  use,  it will start  up with  MID  in 3 seconds   and then  work  with  LOW.
Press again  this button  to turn  OFF.
SPEED:    Press  this  button  to select  desired  fan speed,  LOW-MID-HIGH-LOW,      in circle turns.  The corresponding   air  flow speed indicator   light  will  be displayed.   After 5 seconds,   it will auto return  to the timer  or temperature  display,  the motor delay  of 3 seconds   for  the
first start :
WIND:    Press this  button to select desired  wind  mode,  NATURE-SLEEP-NORMAL• NATURE,   in  turn.  The corresponding  wind  mode  indicator  will  be displayed.
(1)   NORMAL:     It  works as per the selected  fan speed  (HIGH,   MID,   LOW).
(2)  NATURE:    It works  as per the presetted  computer  program,   imitating   the natural   irregularly wind.
(3)  SLEEP:    It works as per the presetted  computer program,   alternating   between  different
fan speed.
(]) If it is selected  HIGH,   the unit  will work under  HIGH   NATURE   wind  mode  for half an hour,  then  revert  to work under   MID NATURE  wind mode for half  an  hour and then revert to LOW NATURE  wind  mode.until    the  end  of the  scheduled    time  or shutdown.
® If it  is  selected MID,   the unit  will work under  MID  NATURE  wind  mode for half an  hour,
then revert  to LOW NATURE  wind  mode.until    the  end of the scheduled   time or shutdown.

start at
Swing from
60 to120°

Swing from


  If it is  selected  LOW,  the  unit  will work  under  LOW NATURE  wind  mode.until   the end of the scheduled  time or shutdown.
UP  AND DOWN SWING:   The machine   starts  automatically    placed  in  the level  of horizontal
blade 90 degrees   in  stillness,   and then  press  this  button  to switch the order of running   working condition  as follows:
LEFT AND RIGHT  SWING:    Press once  this  button   can auto left  and right swing.  Press again  this button  to cancel.
HUMIDIFIER:     During  operation,   press  this  button  to humidify   the  air,  improve the air damp,
avoid skin dry  and  spall.   Press again  this  button to cancel.
COOL:      During  operation,   press this button to start the evaporative  cooling  function
(first  ON,  second OFF)and   the cool  wind  indicator   lights,  the pump connects  for operation. IONIZER:     Button  IONIZER  is  a valid  key when power on:  During  operation,   press this
button  to release  negative   ions  into  the  air(first  ON,  second OFF)  and  ionizer indicator   lights.
TIMER:    It can be set between 1   to 24 hours,with    hourly    invreamental    intervals.When     the display   24 hours.press   this  button  again  to cancel.
2.  Do NOT open  and repair  the unit  by any unqualified   person.
3.  To protect against electric  shock,  keep the unit  dry.  Do not operate by wet hand.
4.  Unplug   power  from outlet  while  filling   water,  or before cleaning,   maintaincing or moving the unit.
5.  Unplug  power from outlet when not  in use.
6.  Do not insert any other objects into  ai:- window   during operation.
7.  Do  not  cover the unit  with  paper,  cardboard,   plastic,  metal  foil,  or any other flamm
-able material  when use.  Otherwise  a fire may occur.  Keep the unit away  from any  hot sources.
8.  Place  the  unit  on the  ground.
9.  Do not use outdoors.   Indoor only.
10.  Water level  must  be between   the MIN   and MAX line.
11.  After filling with  water,  do not lean  the unit and no moving   it,  which  may  cause water to overflow  the sides   of the tank and  leak.  If the  unit needs  to be moved a  little,  push on  the side gently.                                                                                 t
12.   Never put the unit  side down  after  filling  water.
13.   Do not place any objects  on the  top of the unit.   Do not cover the unit window  while  use.
14.  Do not use petrol,  toluol,  etc to clean  the unit body.  For slight dirt on the body, wipe  it off with  a soft  damp cloth.   For greasy dirt,  squeeze  a little toothpaste  or mild detergent on  a soft damp cloth,  and  then  wipe  the dirt off.
15.  Do not  strike  or shake the  unit body during  operation,  otherwise,  it will  stop working automatically.    In this  case  ,restart  the  unit.
16.   After few days operation,   dust  and dirt may reserve  in water tank.  It  is recommended
to change  water  and  clean   water  tank  frequently.  If select  humidifier   function  while  the
room temperature   is below  O'C,   be sure to add warm  water in water tank.
17.  Do not put  the  unit  under wall socket.
18.  Empty water tank to avoid odor occuring when  not in  use.
19.   Do not use  after  the  unit malfunctions.    Send to service  center for repair.
20.  Do not use the unit for other  than  its  intended use.
21.   Do not  use  the unit when  the power  cord is  damaged.   Send to service  center  for repair.
If the supply  cord  is damaged,   it must be replaced   by  a special cord or assembly available   from the  manufacturer    or its service  agent.
22.  Keep  the  children   nnot touch to the air flow window  while  use.
23.  Keep cord away from sharp or  hot objects.
24.   Do not clean  with  metal  sourcing   pads.  It may scratch  the surface or cause electrical shock.
25.  Do not clean  the unit  with flammable  liquid.
26.  Avoid sharing  a power outlet with  any other appliances.
27.  Always attach plug  to appliance  first.  then  plug cord into  the  wall  outlet. To disconnect, turn  any control  to OFF ,then  remove plug  from  wall  outlet.
28.  Do not mix  new and  low  batteries  the same time  in remote  controller.
29. Take off batteries  from remote  controller  when  not  in use.
30.  This  product  is  not intended  by the physical  failure,   sensory or mental impairment or lack of relevant   experience   and knowledge of people  (including   children)  use,
31.   Keep  watch  children,   to ensure  that they do not play this  product   and  no touch
the  air window  while power on  and or  during   use.
32.  Do not cover the air  window during  machine   runing,    no matter in  cool or in heat status.
Note:   After  long time   operation,     the filtration   mesh becomes  clogged  with  dust  and dirt, which  will  greatly  affect  the unit's  performance.     It is  recommended   to clean  the filtration   mesh   frequently.
Cleaning   the filtration   mesh
1.Remove   plug from power.
screw,  Catch the  filtration  mesh handle  and pull upwards.(shown
filtration  mesh with mild  detergent  and soft brush.
sure  filtration  mesh  is completely  dry before installing.

Cleaning  the water  tank
1.Remove   plug power.
2.Pull  out the water  tank.(shown    as fig.2)
3.Clean  the water tank  with  a little mild   detergent  on  a towel  and then rinse in water.
4.Put  the water tank   in place after cotton cloth.
Cleaning   the body
Clean   the  body  with  a little mild   detergent  on a cotton cloth.
 Unplug  from  outlet  before   cleaning.
eNo  water  on the  control   panel.
If  there  is  something  wrong during  operation,   it may not be the  unit's    problem.  You may check against the  following   list  before send  for repair.
1.      Add water to ensure there is enough water for pumping.
2 .   Clean  water tank discharge Impurities.
1. If the  problem cannot be found in the  list or it persists,  please contact our service center or a qualified technician for  further inspection.
2.  Do NOT open  and  repair the unit  by yourself.


possible   reasons


not working

1  .    The plug is not securely inserted into the socket or not connected well.

2.   The   "ON/OFF.,   button is not pressed.

1  .     Insert  the plug pin into the wall socket and make sure it is connected well.

2.   Press   "ON/OFF  ..      button after plugged.
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