IBS 10 letter Electric Geyser (Water Heater)

IBS 10 letter Electric Geyser (Water Heater)

IBS 10 letter Electric Geyser (Water Heater)General remarks
                      CAUTION            The manufacturer cannot be responsible for the damages caused by improper installation or by failure to follow instruction in this pamphlet. Comply with the installation instructions before completing electric connection.
 CAUTION             The thermostat has been pre-set at the factory between 41°C (105° F) and 45° C (113° F).
                     CAUTION             Hydrogen gas can be produced in a hot water system served by this heater that has not been used for a long period of time (generally 2 weeks or more). Hydrogen gas is extremely flammable. To reduce the risk of injury under these conditions, it is recommended that the hot water faucet be opened for several minutes at the kitchen sink before using any electrical appliance connected to the hot water system. If hydrogen gas is present, there will probably be an unusual sound such as air escaping through the pipe as the water begins to flow. There should be no smoking or open flame near the faucet at this time.

                                When using electrical appliances, safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons should be followed, including:
2. This water heater must be grounded. Connect only to properly grounded outlet. See “GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS” found on “INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS”.
3. Install or locate this water heater only in accordance with the provided installation instructions.
4. Use this water heater only for its intended use as described in this manual.
5. Do not use an extension cord set with this water heater. If no outlet is available adjacent to the water heater, contact a qualified electrician to have one properly installed.
6. As with any appliance, close supervision is necessary when used by children.
7. Do not operate this water heater if it is not working properly or if it has been damaged or dropped.
8. This water heater should be serviced only by qualified service personnel. Contact a service person for examination, repair or adjustment.
9. Failure to service the anode rod at least once a year could cause the tank to fail and leak. Any water heater should be installed in such a manner that if it should leak, the resulting flow of water will not cause damage to the area in which it is installed. National Plumbing codes require a drain pan for any water heater installation. Failure to install one is the sole responsibility of owner and/or installer. Reference UPC 2000 (Uniform Plumbing Code) Section 510 - Protection from Damage or IPC 200 (International Plumbing Code) Section 504- Safety Devices.

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